October 24, 2016

scenes from my past few weeks

image7{The Fairy Pools at the Isle of Skye in Scotland}

As I was thinking about the past few weeks, I realized that my blog is now a year old! I wish I had a more momentous way of commemorating its survival, but I don’t, and can only offer a few reflective words instead. This blog was largely started without a distinct focus, hence its initial categorization as a ‘lifestyle blog.’ Although I expected the majority of my posts to be about the art that I deal with on a daily basis, I never imagined that the majority of its topics would cover disparate, unrelated areas ranging from Russian literature to the metaphysical lyrics of Florence+the Machine. That said, however, I’ve been starting to narrow my focus and will continue to do so after having discovered what works most for me. You’ll see what I mean! Until then, please enjoy a few moments of my life from this month below!

image4{Walking around Scotland}


{This one was especially friendly!}

image8{Me, as a red speck in the highlands}

image1-2{Some curators from Japan, examining some of our works}

image1{At Frieze in London}

image10{At the home of Steven Korff, a collector of Japanese ceramics who was featured in the New York Times in August}

image1-1{The Untermeyer Gardens in Yonkers, New York}



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