January 23, 2017

Scenes from my last two weeks

{At the New Museum’s ‘Pixel Forest’}

So far 2017 has gone off to a very busy start! At the museum we’re preparing for the second rotation of “Infinite Blue,” and lately I’ve been doing a lot of writing in general. Some highlights include one of my best birthdays to date, hearing Madonna and Marilyn Minter’s discussion on feminism at my workplace, and re-connecting with long-distance friends for the first time this year.

{What I wish all my Sunday afternoons were like}

{Madonna and Marilyn Minter’s discussion on the eve of the presidential inauguration}

{Always up for a pastrami reuben at Katz’s}

{Found my new favourite restaurant in Chinatown}

{Just the birthday I wanted this year}

{late night pizza and beer after a long week}


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